Analysis & Advice

Everything we do starts with an analysis of the current situation and an inventory of the desired situation. Whether it's optimisation of work processes, guidance on selecting the best fitting software or advice on digitisation. We check for blocking issues blocks and for a solution that benefits everyone. With the emphasis on everyone: the board, other lawyers and the support staff (secretaries and staff). After all, they also have to work with the tools.

By conducting interviews with representatives from all levels of the firm, we get a picture of the current and desired situation.

On this basis, we write a practical overview of options, that lists the challenges, priorities and possible solutions. We then discuss that overview together to determine where you want to focus on, and at what pace.

'custom made'


Your questions deserve attention 

What will our firm look like in 2027? Have we optimised our working processes? Which software is best for my firm? What can I do to prevent a data breach?
So many questions and even more answers. L-IME provides independent advice that really helps you. Feel free to ask your question and we will listen. That's a promise.

Bi-modal IT-strategy

In our consultancy, we distinguish between innovation (legaltech) and making the IT you already have run optimally: the optimisation processes.

Use us as your personal shopper to keep an eye on market developments in order to quickly embrace innovations. Or engage us to get more return from the IT investments you have already made, for instance by analysing your work processes in order to make real optimisations or for helping you to select the best fit in software.

Innovation advice

The world of the legal profession is changing. Perhaps not as fast as in other industries but it is undeniably happening. So which change should you keep an eye on and which development can be left to run its course for now? Tricky questions to answer. To do so, you would actually have to continuously monitor all these trends and developments.

And that takes time. Time you would rather spend on your files and your clients. That is why we help offices that want to stay informed but also focus on what they are good at. So while you visit your client or get stuck into a case, we visit conferences at home and abroad and keep a close eye on trends in legal tech. Think of us as a personal shopper or trend watcher. We are happy to drop by for a cup of coffee to see which trend suits your firm best.


Automation is a powerful tool for optimising processes. But not if careful consideration is not given to those other two forces that determine whether change processes can succeed: people and processes.

It is important to get these three forces in balance with each other before initiating a process for, say, replacing a software application. After all, perhaps the current solution is fine and only the work processes need to be critically examined. Is everyone doing their bit? Or are people not familiar enough with the product to get the most out of it? All possible causes for the frustrating feeling that a software solution has not delivered what you expected. Fortunately, these are also all causes that can be remedied with proper guidance and applied training.

A particularly profitable investment!